Fix Cracked Brickwork and Structural Repairs

Engineer certification as required
Specialist techniques to reinstate your home to the condition you want

Frequently asked questions about cracking to brickwork that we can answer:

  • Will it get worse?
  • Is it structurally sound?
  • Will it affect the resale value?
  • Don't let cracking become worse

If you have noticed cracking around your home contact us to discuss your concerns and we will happily provide:


Prompt Response
All enquiries are treated as priority.
On Site consultation
Once a mutually convenient time is established, we will provide an initial on-site consultation and inspection, and supply a written report as soon as reasonably possible.
site matinenance
We will inspect and report on site maintenance as recommended by Australian Standard AS2870 and the C.S.I.R.O. Guide to Home Owners on Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance.
Expert Advice and Assistance
If required, we will liaise with you fully from initial inspection to proposed solution.
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