Solutions to Water Seepage

Site inspection to determine problem water flows
Solutions to water ponding in and around your home
Water seepage solutions for your home

Frequently asked questions about water seepage that we can answer:

  • Is this problem caused by water?
  • Can it be easily fixed?
  • How do I stop water ponding around or inside my property?
  • Is this problem caused by poor drainage on my land?
  • What options do I have?

If you have noticed moisture or water where it shouldn't be it could be a sign that your property is being damaged by hidden causes.

Sometimes water problems are obvious, other times they only give clues to their existence by building movement or cracking.

For any concerns regarding structural damage being caused by the movement of earth or water around your home it is important to act fast.

To help analyse, monitor or solve the problem please contact our office for:


Prompt Response
All enquiries are treated as priority.
On Site consultation
Once a mutually convenient time is established, we will provide an initial on-site consultation and inspection, and supply a written report as soon as reasonably possible.
Expert Advice and Assistance
If required, we will liaise with you fully from initial site inspection and analysis through to assisting you in carrying out any mutually agreed solution.
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